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Wow, it is almost Spring,  Happy Easter!

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Low Cost Lipstick that lasts.  LipSense Semi-Permanent Lipstick will not kiss off.  The sea doesn't wash SeneGence LipSense Permanent Lipstick off.  LipSense is Great.

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Army Pink LipSense

Strawberry Shortcake LipSense

Precious Topaz Diamond LipSense

Gold Glitter LipSense

Kiss Me Kate LipSense

Samon LipSense

SheLaLa LipSense

Redwood LipSense

Try one or more of the latest Lipstick Colors we have at CosmeticsLydia - Today!  Lots of new pink lipstick shades.

Each tube of CosmeticLydia brush on Lip Stain is a long lasting delight! Used every day a tube can last up to 3 months. 

Our Lip Stain is the original long lasting semi permanent lip color.  Late coming competitors just aren't as good. Try the first for the very best!

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SeneGence LipSense is unique.  Made in the US from ingredients found only on the South Sea Island of Vanuata, LipSense in a natural beauty product with out equal.

To try your favorite color just click it and your at the shopping cart.  Don't forget gloss and Oops! Our lipstick is a brush on Lip Stain that when used with your favorite Lip Gloss will last for hours.  Even though it is a brush on it contains protection against chapped lips even in the driest climates.   

Try LipSense for more lasting beauty and a more beautiful you. 

For A better view of the colors click here

SeneGence is thrilled to announce a brand new Long-Lasting Liquid LipSense shade, Heartbreaker! 

Limited-edition Heartbreaker is the second exclusively designed LipSense shade brought to you by pop sensation and LipSense  Ambassador, Lauren Winans. It is inspired by her new single, a ballad called "Better at Breaking."  Heartbreaker  is a gorgeous tangerine-pink with a hint of sparkle, sure to turn heads and break hearts. It makes the perfect Easter gift for a friend, or yourself!


And, while supplies last, each product order including Heartbreaker LipSense will come with a CD of

Lauren's new single, "Better at Breaking!"

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What is Acne?

Acne is a chronic disorder of the hair follicles and sebaceous glands. Some of the characteristics of acne include black heads, pimples, cysts, infected abscesses, and rarely scarring. Acne usually occurs during adolescence in both men and women. To be more specific, acne starts during puberty and tends to get worse for people with oily skin.

SeneGence has 3 products to help you beat this nasty condition.  Like all SeneGence Products it comes with a money back guarantee.  Try it risk free.  You'll love it.

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1. Did you know that Glossy Gloss makes a great cuticle conditioner?  Apply some on your fingers' cuticles  and let the Shea  butter do it's magic?

2.  To soften any LipSense Shade, just apply Sand Gloss on top.  The soft beige tint and understated shimmer will instantly mellow out the color of the LipSense. 

3  Fir especially pouty lips, only apply Glossy Gloss in the center of the top and bottom lips.  You can even hit the middle with a little Gold or Silver Gloss for an extra pop. 

4.  Glossy, Matte, and Pearl Gloss are neutral.  But if you want something different, try to use gloss tones that complement the tone of your LipSense.  If you are wearing a blue-based LipSense shade, top with cool glosses such as Rose, Silver Glitter, or Orchid Glosss.  If you are wearing a yellow-based LipSense shade, top with warm glosses such as Gold Glitter and  Sand Gloss. 

Try one for a more beautiful you.

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CosmeticsLydia is proud to introduce our newest upgrade to service in Las Vegas. As of January 2011 we have added Alyxandria Couture as a local representative.  Alyxandria lives on the South East side and will be working with College Students and people of all ages.  She is a graduate of Valley High School.  In addition to her sales work she is currently studying to be an English teacher. 

Alyx was a Stars fan as a young girl and now enjoys Area 51's games.

She recently went to Lipstick training at the corporate home office to learn how to apply SeneGence lipstick.  Let her show you how to be more beautiful all day!   

You may contact Alyx at 702-415-3491



SeneGence - LipSense Semi-Permanent Lipstick, SeneSerum -C, Skin Care & Anti-Aging Products

Super Fast Delivery via CDO!

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Check out  this review of LipSense.

SeneGence products are sold through independent distributors, like myself.  We use party plans, network marketing, the internet and independent cosmetologists among other ways.  Opening are available all over the United States.  Check out LipSense long-lasting semi-permanent lipstick for that celebrity makeup look .  Remember because you use less it costs less per use then many lower cost products.  That makes SeneGence LipSense cheap lipstick.


This is a CDO service site!  That means we always have a complete line of SeneGence products available.  Everything you buy comes with a money back guarantee.   The SeneGence shipping department will get your product out within 24 hours on weekdays and the next Monday on weekends by the most efficient shipping method available.   No waiting for dealer restocking!   No old, out of date products recycled from others.  No waiting for me to come back from vacation!  Always buy from a CDO service site for the best quality service Credit cards accepted!  Money Back if not Satisfied!   SeneGence LipSense Distributor 159780.

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We take phone orders at 702-813-8668 - 951-536-5012.

Beauticians and other Beauty Care Professionals check out our page just for you!

Looking for a job/business?

Beauty is something I really enjoy.  At Haven Resort I can enjoy the beauty of my homeland in a quite idyllic setting.

Long lasting cosmetics give me the chance to look my best anywhere in the world.  They enhance my natural beauty.   Their anti-aging and sun screen properties help me to maintain a youthful appearance even though I am long past my prime.   LipSense keeps my lips full and uncracked in the driest of climates.  Even places like Orange, Las Vegas, Prim Nevada, Henderson or Baker California.  I may not be as young as I used to be but I don't have to look old!  Permanent Lipstick stays on in dry heat or high humidity.

Lydia vacationing from Orange, California at Haven Resort, Philippines.   

Haven Resort & Lydia the LipSense Distributor

I'm off on a trip to see family in Florida.  I expect to spend time in Atlanta Georgia, Miami, Orlando, Tampa Bay, and maybe Jacksonville. 
Having trouble placing your order.  Send me an E-Mail and I'll get it done.  The address is


Coming soon time traveling in Las Vegas.

As you know I love travel. 

Here I am in Laughlin, NV on a trip from Tustin.  The other side of the river is Bullhead City, Az.  Kingman, Az is about a half day away.  There is a wild mountain road between them.  Went over it a few years ago on the way to the Grand Canyon.  I didn't know about LipSense or SeneGence then so I had to bring a ton of lipstick.  To get to Laughlin we drove through Search Light.  Coming back we went through Boulder City which is where Hoover Damn is.  Also went through Henderson.   Didn't have time to get to the beach.

In addition to our Las Vegas office, we can also give you local service in Orange, Santa Anna, Anaheim, Corona and Tustin.  We also provide service in Riverside, Long Beach, Ontario  and San Bernardino as well as Rancho Cucamonga.  In any case if you are in Miami, Florida, Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, New York, New York. Stevens Point Wisconsin, Denver, Colorado, Mankato Minnesota, Madison, Albuquerque, New Mexico, Roswell, New Mexico,  Irvine, California, San Francisco, California, Ventura, California or Seattle, Washington we can ship to you as fast or faster then anyone.  What we ship will be fresher then anyone else and fresh lipstick lasts longer.  We love shipping to San Francisco, Silver City, Riverside,  San Bernardino and Hollywood.  We have customers in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  Green Bay, Manitowoc, Port Washington, and the Dells are on our list to.

We are the best place to get your LipSense and other SeneGence products. 

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One of my husbands favorite foods is Green Chili, New Mexico style.  One weekend we went to Little Anita's just north of Albuquerque's Old Town and the Frontier across from the University of New Mexico.   Little Anita's is a great place to show off my favorite shade of red lipstick.  Had a flame burger, too. 

I like the cathedral in Santa Fe.  The governors mansion is where Ben Her was written and Lew Wallace tried to pardon Billy the Kid.  Teased my step son about crossing the Rio Grande which runs through Albuquerque.  Haven't found the Golden Cities of Cibola yet but I'm looking.  Of Course I haven't been to Silver City or Las Vegas, NM yet either.  

Checked out the 1706 Catholic church in Old Town, though. 

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Lipstick 4 Romance


 I like SeneGence LipSense lipstick:

It stays all day with one application.  My favorite colors are Brick Red and Cherry Red.  I've been using it for almost 5 years and love the quality.  The service is great, too.  Long Lasting Cosmetics natural ingredients bring out my natural beauty.  Try it for yourself, now!

Here is some of what SeneGence says about LipSense.   This product helps moisturize your lips.  Used with LinerSense your lips will be more defined.  Need makeup to stay on all day LipSense lipstick is designed to last 4 to 18 hours.  It does not rub off, kiss off or smear off.  By the way if you make a mistake a product called Oops will get it off.  The SeneGence Gloss products improve the fantastic properties of this fabulous makeup.

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Check out the LipSense page for a list of colors and even more info.

Learn about the unusual anti-aging and long-lasting color technology

Nananatili buong araw ang kulay ng lipstic. Brick at Cherry red ang paborito kong kulay.
Subok ko ito sa loob ng apat na taon. Talagang mahusay ang productong ito.

Nature and SeneGence Skin care products  SeneGence mineral based cosmetics are long wearing.  SeneGence manufactures and provides long lasting lipstick supplies.  Independent distributors provide you with a great way to learn better beauty care tricks.  SeneGence Lip Stain stands up to hot, dry desert temperatures.  It protects against chapped lips.  LipSense is a great desert lipstick.

The SeneDerm Cellular Renewal with SenePlex Complex provides a healthy, safe and effective approach to restoring youthful looking skin.  The unique formula of algae, plankton, seaweed, and other ingredients replenishes and speeds cell production without irritation. 

LipSense, the most popular SeneGence product comes in many shades and colors

With it your perfect lip color is waterproof.  It will not  kiss off, smear off, rub of or budge off.  I challenge you to try it.

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Now I'm twittering about permanent lipstick and anti-aging cosmetics.

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Spell it Senegence, Sinegence, Senagence, Sinagence, Senegents, Senagance, Sinagance, or as it should be SeneGence makes the best long lasting lipstick.

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The SeneGence home office is in Irvine, Ca.  That is about 20 miles from Orange.  It is about 400 miles from St. George, UT.  Santa Ana is about 15 miles from the home office.  Tustin is even closer.  Temecula is a little further away.  Rancho Santa Margarita is to the south as San Juan Capistrano.  This means that while we provide great service from Bangor Maine to Seattle Washington and places like Ogden and Sault Lake City in the West, or St Louis and Chicago or Milwaukee in the Midwest or New Orleans in the South we can provide super great service in Orange country and San Diego county. 


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