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I am sorry to inform you that we no longer sell Cosmetics.

We Hope you have a great summer!

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We expect to offer a line of bed sheets for toddler beds.  Daycare Centers orders welcome.   We also have a program to track donations to churches.  Just $50.  I make most of my husband shirts.  Custom Shirts let you set your own style.  We provide the cloth $75 or $50 if you provide the cloth.

SBTBILL.COM does full programming for your special needs.  We also support sales tax filing and understand use tax.  We do bookkeeping and Sage50 training.

We take phone orders at 702-813-8668 - 951-536-5012.

Beauty is something I really enjoy.  At Haven Resort I can enjoy the beauty of my homeland in a quite idyllic setting.

Long lasting cosmetics give me the chance to look my best anywhere in the world.  They enhance my natural beauty.   Their anti-aging and sun screen properties help me to maintain a youthful appearance even though I am long past my prime.   LipSense keeps my lips full and uncracked in the driest of climates.  Even places like Orange, Las Vegas, Prim Nevada, Henderson or Baker California.  I may not be as young as I used to be but I don't have to look old!  Permanent Lipstick stays on in dry heat or high humidity.

Lydia vacationing from Orange, California at Haven Resort, Philippines.   

Haven Resort & Lydia the LipSense Distributor

I'm off on a trip to see family in Florida.  I expect to spend time in Atlanta Georgia, Miami, Orlando, Tampa Bay, and maybe Jacksonville. 

We plan to add more stories in the near future.  Check them out.  If you like them please send a $1 per story to:

Bill Couture, 2550 E Desert Inn Rd #163, Las Vegas, NV 89121

 Coming soon time traveling in Las Vegas.

As you know I love travel. 

Here I am in Laughlin, NV on a trip from Tustin.  The other side of the river is Bullhead City, Az.  Kingman, Az is about a half day away.  There is a wild mountain road between them.  Went over it a few years ago on the way to the Grand Canyon.  I didn't know about LipSense or SeneGence then so I had to bring a ton of lipstick.  To get to Laughlin we drove through Search Light.  Coming back we went through Boulder City which is where Hoover Damn is.  Also went through Henderson.   Didn't have time to get to the beach.

One of my husbands favorite foods is Green Chili, New Mexico style.  One weekend we went to Little Anita's just north of Albuquerque's Old Town and the Frontier across from the University of New Mexico.   Little Anita's is a great place to show off my favorite shade of red lipstick.  Had a flame burger, too. 

I like the cathedral in Santa Fe.  The governors mansion is where Ben Her was written and Lew Wallace tried to pardon Billy the Kid.  Teased my step son about crossing the Rio Grande which runs through Albuquerque.  Haven't found the Golden Cities of Cibola yet but I'm looking.  Of Course I haven't been to Silver City or Las Vegas, NM yet either.  

Checked out the 1706 Catholic church in Old Town, though. 

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